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How Gender Ideology Is Infiltrating Taiwanese Schools

Article cross-posted on NoSelfIDTaiwan Image: Screenshot of an email sent to Taiwan based high school teachers. Several sources working in an international high school located here in Taipei, Taiwan have sent me screenshots of a plan to implement a “pronoun awareness” and sticker campaign on their campus. Teachers and students are being asked to wearContinue reading “How Gender Ideology Is Infiltrating Taiwanese Schools”

Taiwan’s Pushback Against Gender Ideology Receiving Global Attention

Jo Bartosch’s article is the newest to feature the fight feminists are waging against gender ideology in Taiwan. Josephine Bartosch is a heavy hitter. A widely commissioned journalist and feminist campaigner, her work can be found in The Critic, Spiked, Telegraph, New Statesman, The Times, Unherd, The Spectator, MoS, & more. Most recently Bartosch hasContinue reading “Taiwan’s Pushback Against Gender Ideology Receiving Global Attention”

 Ideological tyranny 

I stumbled across a quote while taking my Continental Philosophy course this semester and it struck me as particularly relevant now. “We must not only punish the traitors, but all people who are not enthusiastic.”Louis de Saint-Just Granted, the bloodthirsty Jacobin was referencing the on-going throes of the French Revolution (and not so subtly declaringContinue reading ” Ideological tyranny “


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