Surviving Injustice

The story of Fred Him-San Chin – Wrongfully imprisoned during Taiwan’s White Terror Built in 2018 the National Human Rights Museum, located in Taipei, Taiwan, provides publicly accessible research and educational materials relating to the period of martial law in the country, and works with museums globally as well as throughout Taiwan. The museum is housed inContinue reading “Surviving Injustice”

I am my foremother’s wildest dream

So much can change within three generations An old photograph. A woman sits on a nondescript flight of stairs in a flowery linen dress. The face shown looks just a little bit like yours. You remember your aunt saying that this was a great-grandmother, but otherwise the woman in the picture is shrouded in mystery.Continue reading “I am my foremother’s wildest dream”

Spartan Women

Separating the truth from the myth Who were the Spartan women, really? (Image from ThoughtCo) Hi, my name is Jaclynn and I’m a history addict. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ve always had a particular interest in ancient history, traveling around the world to visit sites, monuments and museums in parts of the onceContinue reading “Spartan Women”

The new Noble Savage trope – In the end, gender is the ultimate colonizer

For people who claim to be against colonialism or appropriation of others’ cultures and lived experience, it seems like pretty much all they ever do. It’s amazing such a house of cards built on contradictions ever gained any traction. Have you seen headlines like these? At first I thought that they were satire, or atContinue reading “The new Noble Savage trope – In the end, gender is the ultimate colonizer”

Unsolicited (Philosophical) Dicks

As a student of women’s history, I find myself at times overwhelmed by the androcentric history (of nearly everything but particularly) of philosophy. For example, Descartes’ mind-body distinction, while not explicitly androcentric, is nonetheless understood to be androcentric when put in the context of Western culture where man is continually identified with mind (reason) andContinue reading “Unsolicited (Philosophical) Dicks”

What has happened to our universities?

A plea for free speech (The author speaking at a university in Taiwan on the topic of Feminist Politics in the Middle East) “If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, ifContinue reading “What has happened to our universities?”