Men: A Series – Part I

Documenting the ridiculous and often tedious messages I receive from men on social media Men: A Series has become a wildly popular series on my Facebook page, with people constantly suggesting I turn this series into a book. While I have definitely considered that, I wanted to start by posting parts of the series hereContinue reading “Men: A Series – Part I”

Applying for the International Vaccine Passport in Taiwan

Finally, after two years of being unable to travel due to Covid-19 and a full scale Taiwan lockdown, I am getting on an airplane and flying home to Hawai’i! If you’re like me (a worrier!) you’ve gone over the lists of requirements for traveling internationally many times. And according to Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command CenterContinue reading “Applying for the International Vaccine Passport in Taiwan”

I Know Great People

My recent interview discussing my work, my studies, and most importantly…cheese! I know great people…and they consider me pretty great, too! Great enough, so it seems, to be featured on the podcast I Know Great People. I Know Great People is a series of conversations intended bridge the gap between our knowledge of what people do, andContinue reading “I Know Great People”

Why I Switched Doctoral programs

A story of buyer’s remorse Not too long ago, I was caught up in the whirlwind of applying to Ph.D. programs, waiting what felt like an eternity for decisions and experiencing the anxiety of choosing between programs that best fit my interests. Hours turned into days of deliberation, soliciting advice, and finally making a decision.Continue reading Why I Switched Doctoral programs

4 Easy Ways to Read (a lot) More Books This Year

Reading does a body (and a mind) good! (Photo of the author) Seriously, I read a lot, and I’m (almost) a doctor. Trust me! According to the good folks at the Pew Research Center, the average adult American reads 12 books a year, with half of American adults reading just 4 books a year or less. Not toContinue reading “4 Easy Ways to Read (a lot) More Books This Year”