Men: A Series – Part II

Men: A Series has become a wildly popular series on my Facebook page, with people constantly suggesting I turn this series into a book. While I have definitely considered that, I wanted to start by posting parts of the series here on my website first. This ‘shaming’ series doesn’t exist to embarrass individual men, (but if you are one of the men who sent me these messages, and you feel ashamed…that’s ok too). I created this series to make visible how many men are ridiculous, sexist, gross weirdos to women on the internet. Each post will contain 3-4 screenshots from different men who have contacted me on various social media platforms. According to a recent Pew report, 40 percent of Internet users have personally experienced harassment. While both sexes are frequent victims of this abuse, women tend to get the worst of it. Once I started screenshotting and posting these messages and exposing the garbage-water spewed at women who try to just exist online, it was addictive.

Men: A Series is an important archival project showcasing the breadth of men’s casual, online misogyny. Yes, when you’ve been asked to swallow buckets of someone else’s bile, it feels good to puke it up – on them, if possible. And I hope this will be more than just cathartic for the women who had to put up with similar messages. Read on, have a laugh!

If you’re a man and this article makes you defensive, congratulations: you’re part of the problem. But if they make you angry, hi! We need you. Come collect your dudes.

I really wouldn’t enjoy this. Maybe get rid of the woman in the middle and live out your homoerotic sexual fantasies without also disappointing another woman. (Although I am sure that disappointing women sexually is something you’re used to!)

I’ve never dated a flag, but I imagine it would be a lot more fun than dating you.

My name has two Ns. If you’re going to “take care of my needs”, at least spell my name correctly.

And no thank you.
More enjoyable activities, off the top of my head, include jumping off a cliff, playing with poisonous snakes, and juggling glass shards.

I literally have 8,000 photos of myself on social media. I think I know what type of photos you’re looking for. Thanks for the double question mark…it really highlighted your extreme neediness.

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Hawai’i born PhD student and university lecturer. Devourer of books, amateur historian, travel junkie and educator. A curious mind in search of the rational.

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