Taiwan’s Pushback Against Gender Ideology Receiving Global Attention

Jo Bartosch’s article is the newest to feature the fight feminists are waging against gender ideology in Taiwan.

Josephine Bartosch is a heavy hitter. A widely commissioned journalist and feminist campaigner, her work can be found in The Critic, Spiked, Telegraph, New Statesman, The Times, Unherd, The Spectator, MoS, & more.

Most recently Bartosch has turned her attention to the fight against gender ideology we are waging here in Taiwan. Her latest piece on 4WPub focuses on the fightback by the feminists and allies of NoSelfID_tw against the imposition of gender self-identification. As a writer and campaigner for NoSelfID_tw, this is truly amazing to see! Sharing global stories like ours is the foundation for the formulation of new ideas and the production of a social movement that challenges the discourse of the dominant public sphere. It helps increase awareness and visibility of our website and our cause, giving us a chance to amplify our voices and our platform.

I also got a shout out in the piece, as the first and only journalist and activist within Taiwan to publish an opinion on self-ID which was contrary to the narrative being forced by the Taiwanese government. Beginning in 2021, I published several pieces on what was happening in Taiwan in Canada’s largest feminist news outlet, Feminist Current, including Gender identity legislation is being pushed through in Taiwan — will the public get a say? and Taiwanese women hit back as government tries to roll out self-ID law. To see my name mentioned in a piece by Jo Bartosch is noteworthy, and I am beyond flattered that my work would cross her path.

Published by Jaclynn Joseph

Hawai’i born PhD student and university lecturer. Devourer of books, amateur historian, travel junkie and educator. A curious mind in search of the rational.

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