Male Applies for Menstrual Leave in Taiwan

Trans-identified male attempts to apply for paid leave from work, claiming menstrual pain. Yup, you read that headline correctly. Your eyes did not deceive you. A trans-identified male attempted to apply for time off work due to menstrual pain. No uterus? No problem! Taking us back to basic Bio 101, menstruation, or having your period,Continue reading “Male Applies for Menstrual Leave in Taiwan”

Men: A Series – Part I

Documenting the ridiculous and often tedious messages I receive from men on social media Men: A Series has become a wildly popular series on my Facebook page, with people constantly suggesting I turn this series into a book. While I have definitely considered that, I wanted to start by posting parts of the series hereContinue reading “Men: A Series – Part I”

Taiwanese women hit back as government tries to roll out self-ID law

Originally published in Feminist Current There has never really been a robust feminist movement in Taiwan, despite there being notable feminist icons, such as former Vice President Annette Hsiu-Lee, author Li Ang, and publisher of the feminist magainze, Awakening, Yenlin Ku. For better or worse, Taiwan owes its ideological origins to Western feminism, and Taiwanese feminists haveContinue reading “Taiwanese women hit back as government tries to roll out self-ID law”

Applying for the International Vaccine Passport in Taiwan

Finally, after two years of being unable to travel due to Covid-19 and a full scale Taiwan lockdown, I am getting on an airplane and flying home to Hawai’i! If you’re like me (a worrier!) you’ve gone over the lists of requirements for traveling internationally many times. And according to Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command CenterContinue reading “Applying for the International Vaccine Passport in Taiwan”

Speaking at Women’s Human Rights Campaign – Full video

Feminist Question Time – December 4th, 2021 Feminist Question Time with speakers from Taiwan, Germany, USA and Israel. Women’s Human Rights Campaign (WHRC) Feminist Question Time is a weekly online webinar. It is attended by a global feminist and activist audience of between 200-300. The main focus is how gender ideology is harming the rightsContinue reading “Speaking at Women’s Human Rights Campaign – Full video”

Guest speaker for Women’s Human Rights Campaign – Feminist Question Time

What do you get when you put hundreds of feminists together in a (digital) room? Empowerment, support, ideas, and passion are some words that come to mind. A fire doesn’t just start on its own, it takes some energy to get it burning. Some of the best ideas come from sharing and engaging with a group. Continue reading “Guest speaker for Women’s Human Rights Campaign – Feminist Question Time”

I Know Great People

My recent interview discussing my work, my studies, and most importantly…cheese! I know great people…and they consider me pretty great, too! Great enough, so it seems, to be featured on the podcast I Know Great People. I Know Great People is a series of conversations intended bridge the gap between our knowledge of what people do, andContinue reading “I Know Great People”

Gender identity legislation is being pushed through in Taiwan — will the public get a say?

(Originally published on Canada’s largest feminist news site,   Feminist Current) Image: Focus Taiwan On October 30th, I am presenting on the topic of “Gender and Immateriality” at the 29th Annual Conference of the English and American Literature Association in Taiwan and, funny enough, Taiwan is currently awash with news of sex self-identification. Gender identity ideology hasContinue reading “Gender identity legislation is being pushed through in Taiwan — will the public get a say?”

Hubbard vs. Reality

File this under Things That Should Never Happen Image from Fiji Sun – Hubbard wins the gold at the Pacific Games in Samoa in 2019. His inclusion meant a WOC lost a medal. Representatives of the nation of Samoa have been speaking out against Hubbard’s participation in the women’s category since 2019. Since winning aContinue reading “Hubbard vs. Reality”

Spartan Women

Separating the truth from the myth Who were the Spartan women, really? (Image from ThoughtCo) Hi, my name is Jaclynn and I’m a history addict. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ve always had a particular interest in ancient history, traveling around the world to visit sites, monuments and museums in parts of the onceContinue reading “Spartan Women”