An Interview with Women’s Voices Podcast

Neo Yang and I speak with Genevieve Gluck: co-founder of Reduxx Magazine, feminist researcher and essayist, and host of the podcast Women’s Voices. When I first started working as a women’s rights activist, Genevieve Gluck was one of the women I most admired. She’s the “real deal”, a heavy hitter, and a wonderful woman. WhatContinue reading “An Interview with Women’s Voices Podcast”

My Newest Out on 4WPub – Self-ID Would Make Epidemic of Voyeuristic Assault in East Asia More Gruesome

Singaporeans are dealing with an increase in voyeuristic assault; in Malaysia videos from a women’s changing room were being sold online; and Japan sees a huge surge in “upskirting” and spycam crime. heterodox /ˈhɛt(ə)rədɒks/ adjective not conforming with accepted or orthodox standards or beliefs. Do you like your critical thinking with a side of heterodoxy?Continue reading “My Newest Out on 4WPub – Self-ID Would Make Epidemic of Voyeuristic Assault in East Asia More Gruesome”

On Grief and Strength – Centered Magazine

A Piece on Surviving Loss and Becoming a Strong Woman on International Women’s Day March is Women’s International History Month, and March 8th is International Women’s Day, a time to celebrate women and the countless ways that we have contributed throughout history to society. I am honored to have a piece featured in this specialContinue reading “On Grief and Strength – Centered Magazine”

My newest article out on Feminist Current!

Part of a series I have done on gender identity ideology in Taiwan Women in Taiwan are organizing to fight back against gender identity ideology(Originally published on Feminist Current) byJACLYNN JOSEPH Political activism is relatively new in Taiwan, a country hailed as a beacon of progress in Asia but that only began to approach democracyContinue reading “My newest article out on Feminist Current!”