An Interview with Women’s Voices Podcast

Neo Yang and I speak with Genevieve Gluck: co-founder of Reduxx Magazine, feminist researcher and essayist, and host of the podcast Women’s Voices.

When I first started working as a women’s rights activist, Genevieve Gluck was one of the women I most admired. She’s the “real deal”, a heavy hitter, and a wonderful woman. What an honor it is now to call her a friend, and be interviewed by her for her podcast with my brilliant colleague and fellow activist Neo Yao. Neo is a force, and I am grateful every day that I met him and can work with him. You can listen to our interview here: Spotify

After almost a year of organizing, Jaclynn Joseph and Neo Yao have founded Taiwan’s first gender critical, female-centric organization — Taiwan Women’s Association (TWA/Chinese 臺灣女性協會) — which has been officially recognized by the government. Originally from Hawai’i and now based in Taiwan, Jaclynn Joseph is a university lecturer, Ph.D. candidate in the field of feminist philosophy, and the Taiwan country representative of the feminist organization Women’s Declaration International (WDI). A guest writer for Feminist Current, she was the first to shed light on the infiltration of gender identity ideology in Taiwan through her articles.

Neo Yao was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. He has been a human rights and LGB activist for more than fifteen years, and a women’s rights activist for more than six years. He began focusing on Women’s sex-based rights in the past several years, and along with Jaclynn, formed the Taiwan Women’s Association in late 2022 as a founding member, where he currently serves as an executive council member. Some founding members of TWA, including Jaclynn, also work with an organization called No Self-ID Taiwan (NSIDT). NSIDT is the only website in Taiwan dedicated to pushing back against gender ideology and tracking changes in related legislation.

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Hawai’i born PhD student and university lecturer. Devourer of books, amateur historian, travel junkie and educator. A curious mind in search of the rational.

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